Coates Corner

Coates Overview– Welcome to Milton's newest neighbourhood! Located at the southwest corner of Thompson Road and Derry Road, there are several large parks and splash pads with bike lanes running throughout bringing this community together.   This area is situated close to great shopping and its easy access to HWYs makes it highly desirable for commuters.  One of Milton’s French Emersion Schools in located in this community.  This area of Milton has an inviting community feel and is great for new and growing families.
Many people ask “Is this sustainable growth or are we heading towards a bubble?”.

Did you know that, so far Coates has received approximately 15% more sales and approximately 10% less listings than in 2015. Generally, when the sales go up 15% the listings are expected to go up 15% in order for the economic balance to be in equilibrium.

Prices have most definitely reached record breaking highs – but with the conscious understanding that the economic scale has been strongly shifted because Coates has seemingly been an area that many want to move into and less people want to move out of. We know Coates, inside and out, and better than most! We would love to tell you more, contact us for our opinions on where the market is heading in Milton. We love hearing from our community! 


“Give your kids the gift of a new house for Christmas!” What an amazing thought! Most would say a second house would qualify as an expensive gift – maybe one day… What if we were to tell you that you can. What if we were to tell you that the advantages of doing this is far more beneficial than you think. We have been in the business of creating and spreading wealth to our clients for the last 8 years, and the formula has been simple and easy to apply.

Assuming a house was bought in 2014 for $600,000 and is now worth $740,000. Did you know that the equity gained is sufficient to cover the cost of the new house as well as the costs of the purchase. Imagine having a tenant completely pay off your mortgage payments and taxes! The average market increases by 5% year over year, last year the Coates market appreciated over 12%, imagine doubling that because you own two houses! I bet you a gift like that with no additional cash investment to one of your kids would cover a lot more than their University Fund over the years.